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Scanfert exists since 1993, and is the founder of AVA-Peter Clinic. Today Scanfert is also acting as independent agency authorized by AVA-Peter Clinic and Scandinavia Clinics in attracting foreign patients for ART services to Ava-Peter.

The patients who came to Scanfert could be sure, that the technology, people and know-how that had been developed in the international fertility division of AVA-Peter over the last 20 years, will help them to solve their problems.

The AVA-Peter Clinic is one of the largest private medical clinics in the North-West of Russia specializing in infertility treatment. It includes 5 IVF centers, 3 hospitals, 2 delivery units and 12 private polyclinics in Saint-Petersburg. The clinic has excellent success rates not only in own egg IVF and ICSI treatments, but also in egg donation and embryo adoption

It is very important for us that all of our patients are satisfied with treatment at Scanfert and Ava-Peter. Our patients get their personal assigned doctor, as well as the nurse and the coordinator. The team of the clinic works out an individual plan of treatment and helps to organize your visit to Saint-Petersburg. 

Our advantages

One visit. You can get an egg or embryo donation in one visit to the clinic: the embryo transfer takes one day as well as sperm freezing. Another parts of the treatment (medications prescription and ultrasound examinations) can be implemented with the help of your local doctor.

All women up to 51 are welcomed. No matter, if you’re single, lesbian or married, we are ready to offer infertility treatment at Scanfert if you are under the age of 51.

Extended profiles donor base. At Scanfert we will help you in searching for extended donor's profile from our wide database, which will match your expectations in the base way. The advantages of our egg donors data base are:

  • 150 healthy, active and well-educated donors;
  • Vast choice of donors from 20 to 32 years by your parameters;
  • All the donors have their own children*;
  • All the donors are checked by a General Practitioner, a Gynecologist and a Psychiatrist. We meet all of them personally to get their family medical history and details on their personality;
  • Extended information profiles (150 and more details about each donor);
  • Donors pictures under the age of 12 years;
  • Letters about personal reasons for becoming an egg donor;
  • Personal assistance with choosing if needed;
  • Each donor is ready for ovarian stimulation and donation at any time.

IVF with guarantee programs. At Scanfert we have prepared 3 programs of IVF treatment with guarantee. Guarantee doesn’t mean the guarantee for successful treatment. We take extra responsibility and we promise to return 50% of the money back if no pregnancy occurs after 3 IVF/ICSI transfers with your own embryos, donated eggs embryos or 3 embryo adoption transfers. The infertility issue is not only our patients’ problem. We are interested and motivated is successful treatment as well.

Quality management systems and certification. All the procedures are implemented in AVA-Peter clinic. AVA-Peter has got Quality Management systems and Certification for fertility treatments and egg donation (ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2008).

Excellent service. At Scanfert we are ready to provide you with thorough care and excellent service. You’ll have a personal coordinator to provide you with all the information needed and to help you with the organization of your trip and your stay in Saint-Petersburg. You can have Skype meeting with your doctor. We’ll give you professional recommendations on choosing the egg donor. Your family counselor will help you emotionally and will follow you during and after the treatment.

* The database may contain donors with a rare but sought-after phenotype who do not have children of their own, since this does not contradict Order No. 107H of August 30, 2012, on the procedure for using assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and restrictions to their use.

Unsure about your own chances? Interested in a program with guarantee?
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