We guarantee you a baby
50% refund if no baby born within your treatment package
Infertility treatment at AVA-Peter with Scanfert
Experts in egg donation, embryo adoption and PGS
Cutting edge technology, and lab facilities
First class clinicians with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience
Caring and emphatic approach

Scanfert Company exists since 1993, and is the founder of AVA-Peter Clinic. Today Scanfert is also acting as independent agency authorized by AVA-Peter Clinic and Scandinavia Clinics in attracting of foreign patients for services to Ava-Peter Clinic in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The patients who came to Scanfert Company could be sure, that the technology, people and know-how that had been developed in the international fertility division of AVA-Peter over the last 20 years, will help them to solve their problems. The clinic has excellent Success Rates not only in own egg IVF and ICSI treatments, but also in egg donation and embryo adoption programs.

Patient can choose a doctor from AVA-Peter Clinic for the treatment. More information about doctors is here.

We have excellent Success Rates
not only in own egg IVF and ICSI treatments, but also in our egg donation and embryo adoption!
clinical pregnancy rates are above
survival rates after thawing
live birth rate

At the Scanfert clinic we have 60% clinical pregnancy rate and 52% live birth rate per fresh single embryo transfer in egg donation and embryo adoption programs .

In most cases we transfer a single embryo. All the remaining embryos are frozen and can be used if the first transfer is unsuccessful or if you want to have another baby in the future. We have 50% clinical pregnancy rate and 98% embryo survival rate after thawing in frozen cycles.

These highly successful results give us the opportunity to offer the program «Baby guarantee» for women up to 49. We are so confident in our treatment quality and success rates that we are ready to return 50% of money back if no child is delivered after 3 egg donation or 3 embryo adoption attempts.

IVF with guarantee
If you do not deliver a baby within 3 IVF cycles, 50% of your fee will be refunded
Egg Donation with guarantee
If you do not deliver a baby within 3 Egg Donation cycles, 50% of your fee will be refunded
Embryo Adoption with guarantee
If you do not deliver a baby after 3 embryo transfers, 50% of the fee will be refunded
Unsure about your own chances? Interested in a program with guarantee?
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IVF Treatment
A basic program or program with PGS FISH method
Having children is one of the most natural and essential dreams for most of the people. But sometimes this dream doesn’t come true as you want it and as you’ve planned it. At Scanfert clinic we are ready to help you on the way to your dream and we’ll do our best to make everything for it to happen. There are different ways of treating infertility depending on its causes and conditions. However the general scheme of treatment is the following:
Unsure about your own chances? Interested in a program with guarantee?
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Scanfert Egg Donor Database
At our clinic you can choose your own egg donor from our extensively detailed Database of Egg Donors!
Loyal, healthy, attractive and educated young egg donors
Ovum whose donors you can choose at the same time
Of potential egg donor candidates
We understand that the detailed information about the donor is very important, but we also understand that the egg donor is not the most important person in this project. The most important person is you; an egg from a donor would not be able to grow into a child by itself. An egg needs a uterus and sperm and you are the one that combines these pieces together to create your child. You are the parent to this child’s existence!
You can choose a donor using his extended profile, which contains more than 160 parameters, including the description of donor’s outlook, his personal and his genetic family health, his social position, hobby and motivation to become a donor.
Example of Donor profile
Team of doctors
Travel support
Welcome to St. Petersburg
The Scanfert Clinic is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city. It is easy to get to, with regular flights to St. Petersburg from cities throughout Europe. The clinic is surrounded by hotels, shops, canals and cultural sights such as museums, art galleries, theatre and opera houses.
St. Petersburg has recently been voted number one city to visit as a holiday destination by Tripadvisor