St.Isaac’ Square

In the centre of St.Isaac's Square the statue of Nicholas I stands. This is perhaps the only equestrian statue in Europe that stands on two points (the horse's two hind hooves). No calculations for the balance of the statue could have in theory been made at that time, it is only thanks to the mere intuition of the sculptor, that the balance was achieved; the restorers of today still fear touching the statue.

The Moika river cuts through St.Isaac's Square and is spanned by the Blue Bridge, which is the widest one in St.-Petersburg (97 meters = about 300 ft wide). The wooden bridges across Moika river were often painted in different colours, that is why they have "colour" names - Green, White, Red, Yellow and Blue, the one which became an integral part of St.Isaac's Square.

Over the bridge there is the City's Assembly Hall, the City's Legislature, occupying the former Mariinsky Palace. Many important events in Russian political history of modern times (like demonstrations) have been held on Isaac's Square in front of the Mariinsky Palace.

The brown building of the hotel Astoria also draws attention. The hotel is a fine example of the successful architectural experiments performed in the early 20th century. Hitler and the leaders of Nazi army during World War II were planning to hold here their victorial banquet upon capturing the city; luckily the city was never taken, so their plan was never fulfilled.

“Three times I went to Russia to pick up some eggs. Six embryos tested by PGS and one was good ))) This little embryo was born when I was 44 and the egg they used was from me when I was 43…”


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Karin and Pedro, Sweden

Different life stories, but the same dreams for a baby bring Ulrika from Norway and Willeke from Netherlands to St. Petersburg...

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