IVF Treatment Plan

At AVA-Peter we completely understand that it may not have been easy to come to terms with needing IVF treatment to conceive your child and because of this we encourage all our patients to discuss this with us fully so that we can offer help, advice and support.

However, once you have a comprehensive treatment plan from us you will see that getting your body ready for the IVF process, that will be carried out when you arrive in St Petersburg, becomes easy to arrange and can be carried out in your own country, with a little help from your local Doctor.

Your treatment plan is always created in line with your preferred dates of travel: through the use of your personally designed treatment plan we can ensure that your pretreatment in your own country is carried out and 10 days visit falls during your preferred time of travel to St. Petersburg.

Once you have your treatment plan in place, please print this out and book a consultation with your local Doctor to show him or her how the process works. If your Doctor would like to discuss any aspects of your treatment plan with us, we are always happy for them to contact us. Your AVA-Peter Doctors direct mobile number is always on the top of your treatment plan.

You will need to ask your Doctor to assist you with the following:

  • Two or three scans of your uterus and the ovaries on the dates noted in your personal plan
  • Prescription according to the plan
  • Blood tests according to the plan

We recommend you to do your laboratory tests at your local clinic 1 month before your embryos transfer. This provides sufficient time frame for correcting whatever possible problems found. We prefer to receive the results direct from your Doctor’s office, but if they prefer we are also happy to receive the results via email from yourselves.

Still if it is too difficult, inconvenient or too expensive to arrange your blood tests at your local clinic, we are more than happy to perform them all at AVA-Peter the very first morning after your arrival to St. Petersburg.

The following tests are required for all patients and will be listed in your plan for your local Doctor to see:

For the female partner:

  • Blood group
  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Lues (valid 3 months)
  • Clinical blood count (valid 1 month): RBC (red blood cells); WBC (white blood cells including count of their fractions: lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils, eosynophils); haemoglobin
  • Biochemical parameters in blood: glucose, kreatinin, bilirubine, ALAT, ASAT, general protein (valid 1 month)
  • Bacteriology smear (valid 1 month)
  • PAP smear (valid 1 year)
  • TSH Prolactin (valid 1 year)
  • A letter from a general practitioner from your home country about your state of general health and stating that there are no contraindications to pregnancy (valid 1 year).

For the male partner (if the sperm of the partner is used):

  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Lues (valid 3 months).
  • Your partner’s sperm must be tested too.

Example of your treatment plan in St. Petersburg:

After your have completed your hormonal pre-treatment at your home country according to our comprehensive treatment plan, we are happy to welcome you in St. Petersburg for your egg collection and embryo transfer

SUNDAY: Arrival to St. Petersburg – our driver will collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel.

MONDAY: You will have an appointment with your assigned doctor, at our clinic, to talk through the coming week. You will receive your final injection to make your eggs ready for collection 36 hours later.

TUESDAY : Today you have a free day to enjoy the sites of St. Petersburg. We are happy to offer you a 2 hour introductory city tour as a compliment. This will help you to become acquainted with our lovely city and to identify the fields of your interest for future sightseeing on your free days.

WEDNESDAY: You will come to our clinic for your eggs to be collected, your husband will also come with you to give his fresh sperm sample (if he has not left a frozen sample previously). This collection of eggs will be under general anaesthetic. Your fertilised eggs will now be grown in the laboratory for up to 5 days ready for transfer.

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: free days to enjoy the sites of St Petersburg (we gladly help you with booking theatre tickets and arranging sightseeing tours).

MONDAY: You will come to our clinic for the transfer of your embryo/s

After embryo transfer you are free to return home the same day if you wish (air travel is proven not to have any effect on the precious embryo that you now carry!) However most couples prefer to return to their hotel to relax and then travel the following day.

If you would like to find out more information about our IVF Programme, please contact one of our patient coordinators (link to request a call) who will be happy to advise you further about the process and will book your free, non-obliging telephone consultation with our doctors.    

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Do you have any special medical conditions?

If you are aware of having special medical conditions such as premature menopause, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts or other please do request a phone consultation with our doctor which is free if charge and non-obliging so that we advise your options and help you choose the best strategy to meet your physical needs and personal values.

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For example, in women in the age of 43 and above or women in premature menopause there are sadly no healthy eggs left. Luckily it is still possible to become a mother and even choose

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“…Well the Millennium shift came, the year 2000, we all remember what we did then, right? I got cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma... And when I stand here now 17 years later, you understand that it went well! Except for one important thing…"


“…When I left the clinic and walked down the Nevsky Prospect I knew I was pregnant — and the feeling was right! 9 month after her visit at the AVA Clinic Alexander was born!”

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