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Do you feel that the closer we get to Christmas the faster time is running out and still you have so many uncompleted tasks to finish before the New Year? Is your baby project among them?

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Price after Discount

IVF ICSI with Own Eggs

Single cycle IVF - With your own eggs

ICSI included (if required)

Blastocyst culture as a standard

2 990 €

- 448,5 €

2 541,5 €

3хIVF package with your own eggs - Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

80% of your money is refunded if a baby is not born within 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with all fresh and frozen embryo transfers

9 900 €

- 1 485 €

8 415 €

Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption - Single Cycle

3 990 €

- 598,5 €

3 391,5 €

Embryo Adoption - Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

80% of your money is refund if a baby is not born within 4 embryo adoption attempts (4 embryo transfer cycles)

11 900 €

- 1 785 €

10 115 €

Egg Donation

Egg Donation - Single Egg Donor IVF Cycle with 8 fresh eggs

ICSI included (if required)

8 fresh eggs with a minimum of 2 Blastocysts guaranteed

6 990 €

- 1 048,5 €

5 941,5 €

Egg Donation - Single Egg Donor IVF cycle with 12 fresh eggs

ICSI included (if required)

Minimum of 12 fresh eggs with a minimum of 4 Blastocysts Guaranteed

11 500 €

- 1 725 €

9 775 €

Egg Donation - Live Birth Money Back Guarantee

80% of your money is refund if a baby is not born within 3 IVF/ICSI cycles with donor eggs

21 900 €

- 3 285 €

18 615 €

Additional services*

*  Please be aware that special offers and discounts are not applicable to​ the additional services

Initial consultation 120 €

PGS (Pre-implantation Genetic Screening of your embryos)

The price for PGS does not include your IVF or egg donation cycle and is calculated per number of embryos sent for diagnostic; please speak to us for more detail on appropriate programmes and costs.

from 1100 €

Cryopreservation of embryos via vitrification (incl. 1 year storage) from 400 €
Transfer of your thawed embryos, frozen via vitrification 1 850 €
Sperm cryopreservation (incl. the first year storage) 350 €
Every next year of storage (embryos or sperm) 110 €
TESA 950€

Different life stories, but the same dreams for a baby bring Ulrika from Norway and Willeke from Netherlands to St. Petersburg...

“…I am a single woman and when one is lonely, one is very sensitive…You saw me as a person and I felt that you can help me…”



After 3 IVF in Sweden, 3 miscarriages, Elisabet and Pär became parents of lovely Ester through egg donation in St. Petersburg

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Our patients tell their stories

  • Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to AVA-Peter for egg donation treatment… Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes