The summer Garden and “Summer Palace”


A peaceful corner situated middle in the hectic center of the city is the Summer Garden, which is perhaps the loveliest park of St.-Petersburg. Inspired by the European practice, Peter the Great wanted to create a public garden as a strolling place for the leisured classes and the park was laid according to Peter’s preferences: with statues, pavillions and above all with straight paths and a geometrical plan. Kids will love the statue of the Russian poet Krylov, since the pedestal represents many heroes of his fables: elephant, marmoset and other amusing animals.

In the north-eastern corner of the park one can see the first palace ever in the city: the Summer palace of Peter the Great, which still retains the internal decor of the time intact.

Be sure to cast a glance at the small monument to the legendary Chyzhik, a charming little bird and also a hero of the Russian folk-song, located outside the park, just above the water surface right under the Inzhenerny bridge. Its tiny dimensions have made the sculpture an easy target for thieves (it was stolen seven times), so if you are lucky enough to see it, do not forget to throw some coins into the water: if your coin lands on the bird’s perch you get a wish fulfilled (and if it does not it will still be appreciated by the local kids with magnets who will take immediate care of your money).



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