Julia Kamenetskaya


Basic education

She graduated from the Leningrad State University with a degree in embryology. 

Professional communities, awards

Member of the European Society of Embryology and Human Reproduction (ESHRE).

Additional Information

Since 1988 - Laboratory Assistant of the Laboratory for Early Human Embryogenesis, Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology n.a. Ott, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Since 1993 she worked as an embryologist at the International Center for Reproductive Medicine.

1995 - internship and training of IVF and ICSI in the USA under the SABIT program. She knows all methods of assisted reproductive technologies. She participated in the creation of the ICSI program in Russia. She is one of the first Russian embryologists who performed sperm injections into the cytoplasm of eggs (ICSI), which resulted in pregnancies that ended in normal childbirths.

Since 2003 - embryologist of the AVA-Peter clinic.

Scientific articles, publications

She published 7 scientific papers.

She repeatedly participated in international conferences and symposia on the problems of embryology and human reproduction.