Our location

The AVA-PETER Clinic is situated right in the center of old St. Petersburg. The clinic is on Nevsky Prospect – the main street of the city. AVA-PETER is between the two well-known canals crossing the Nevsky Prospect: Griboedov Canal and Moyka Canal. Nevsky Prospect has been the cultural center of the city from its beginnings. 

AVA-Peter Clinic includes 4 floors, housing the embryologic and genetic laboratories, consultation and ultrasound rooms, operation department, rooms for the patients, the administration and patient services.  


At the entrance you will encounter Nikolai Gogol – the statue of the famous Russian author who will gaze after you with a thoughtful expression. He is looking forward to meeting you just as much as we are.  


The windows of the consultation room offer a beautiful view of the grand colonnade of Kazan Cathedral, which was designed by the architect Andrei Voronikhin. This is St. Petersburg's main cathedral and one of the largest cathedrals in all of Russia. When a service is in progress one can hear the musical sounds of the cathedral's its carillon through the open windows of our clinic.


From the operating theaters and the embryologic and genetic laboratories one can look out onto a quiet courtyard and the building of St. Peter's, the German Protestant church. Even though you are only a couple of meters from the main avenue, a feeling of calm and quiet prevails.  


Thanks to this location and the floor plan there is an excellent combination between attractive surroundings and an intimate setting for consultations and conveniently short distances to the facilities used for the highly complex medical procedures.


If you want to read more about the city's history, all you need to do is step into the building next door, which was formerly owned by the Zynger Enterprise. Nowadays, it houses St. Petersburg's largest bookstore.  


There are plenty of cafés and restaurants in the clinic's neighborhood; they are either on busy Nevsky Prospect itself or in the calmer side streets. Here you can taste local Russian dishes but there is also a wide selection of European, Japanese or Italian fare.       


More than 20 big and small hotels are located near to the AVA-Peter Clinic. The most widely known ones are luxurious Astoria Hotel, Hotel Europa and Hotel Kempinsky (Moyka 22). The smaller Nevsky Hotels ASTER (Bolshaya Konushennaya 25), Nevsky Hotel DeLuxe (Bolshaya Konushennaya 14), Nevsky GRAND Hotel (Nevsky 22), Nevsky Hotel Moyka 5  are right around the corner. 


The entrance to the subway station at Nevsky Prospekt is just 50 meters from the clinic, but if you have booked accommodation close to the clinic you will hardly need to use the subway at all. All of the main attractions and sights of St. Petersburg, such as Palace Square and the Winter Palace (Hermitage), the Church “on Spilled Blood”, the Art Square and the Russian Museum, the Summer Garden and the Summer Palace, the Chapel and the Conservatory as well as more than ten theaters,  are just a few minutes' walk from the clinic.


“…When I left the clinic and walked down the Nevsky Prospect I knew I was pregnant — and the feeling was right! 9 month after her visit at the AVA Clinic Alexander was born!”

Ewa and Sten

"...If I would have known at the start, what I know now, I would not have done my IVF-attempts at my age as egg donation gave us result straight away. It was the best decision of our lives!"

Karin and Pedro, Sweden

“…Well the Millennium shift came, the year 2000, we all remember what we did then, right? I got cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma... And when I stand here now 17 years later, you understand that it went well! Except for one important thing…"


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Our patients tell their stories

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