We are very grateful to Dr. Olga and her team

  • We have done five attempts with egg donation in Netherlands without the slightest result. To avoid further future disappointments we stopped trying. A few acquaintances noticed us on the success of the Spanish private clinics. However, Spain wasn’t attractive to us since we did want to have kids with the same looks as we have and we didn’t feel confident with them.  But a while after the efforts in Holland, our lives began to fall silent.

    After encouragement from a friend and after seeing a documentary on TV about AVA-peter we decided to go for another last try.

    A first orientating visit to St Petersburg also fell well in advance and we were pleasantly surprised to see how Western the city and the people here are.

    We were at the restart of our new efforts with AVA-Peter very skeptical and prepared for a new disappointment.

    But to our surprise, our first attempt was a direct success! We received a bright daughter of now 1.3 years old. And also now our second attempt is a success and there is now a 21 weeks pregnancy going on with everything looking very good.

    It's mind boggling how we, after the 0% results in the Netherlands, do now have an 100% scoring percentage with AVA-PETER.

    We think it is because AVA-PETER does not go with compromises to reach the goal. Everything is first brought to a 100% condition before an attempt is made. If something is not optimal, no attempt will be wasted. We also think that AVA-PETER has better knowledge of the various fertility problems and also has more solutions for it. In addition to better medicines, there is also a lot of attention for the right lifestyle before and during pregnancy. Resting, enough drinking of water etc. are part of the prescription. Important is also that there is a plan B (emergency plan) if complications arise during the first critical stage of the pregnancy. We did use this plan B successfully in both cases, where in the Netherlands the medics would have accepted failure!

    We are therefore very grateful to Dr. Olga and her team. The focus on quality of the process of Dr. Olga is a strong point of the clinic (and of course her expertise). We therefore warmly recommend her and the clinic to any person/couple who is having the same problems as we did have.

    The trip to St Petersburg can take some effort to organize, with visa etc, but the clinic does offer transfer and help with the visas. This greatly reduces any thresholds. You should also be aware that St Petersburg is a State-of-the-art modern European city. A beautiful town with a rich cultural history. Most people speak English and there is a warm atmosphere with a lot of great restaurants with good quality food on the menus. 


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