Egg donation and sperm donation - my best decisions ever!

  • Egg donation and sperm donation - my best decisions ever!

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    I have been longing for this baby for about ten years. During these years I have been in one relationship in which we tried for a long time to get pregnant but with no success. Just after I turned 39 I decided to do everything I could to make this dream come true. I made contact with a clinic in Denmark. I did several tests and gave all the test results to the clinic in Denmark. It was now the beginning of May 2015. The answer from the clinic made me cry. They couldn't help me. I was in need of a egg donation and it's not legal in Denmark for a person without a partner to receive both an egg and sperm from donors. Instead they advised me to contact the AVA Peter Clinic in St Petersburg. And so I did. That turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. I sent an email and explained my situation. After that everything started happen very quickly. One of the coordinates at the clinic, Tamsin, contacted me. She captured my heart and my trust directly at our first meeting. And she has kept on being my best support during the whole process. Next step was to have a meeting with my doctor, Dr Olga. The same thing happened. She directly captured my heart and my trust. Together we decided that even if the chances where pretty low we should try to do an IVF with my own eggs first. Then if that didn't succeed we should do an embryo adoption. Dr Olga sent me a treatment plan and I booked an appointment with my doctor in Sweden.

    I performed the treatment plan and arrived in St Petersburg in the end of June 2015 and got to meet Dr Olga in person. What a woman! So friendly, warm and professional. She has an extra dimension. Unfortunately there were no eggs that we could use for an IVF so therefore we stepped over to plan B, embryo adoption. I received a new treatment plan to get prepared to do an embryo adoption. The time passed so slowly but finally the day came. It was the 27th of August and I flew back to St Petersburg. I was really looking forward to meet all the friendly staff at the AVA Peter Clinic again. It was a quick visit. The embryo adoption was made and I flew back to Sweden on the 29th of August. Then I had to wait 1,5 week before I could do my pregnancy test. When I woke up that morning I was so excited. I did the test and it showed that I was pregnant. The happiness I felt was immense and I felt a huge gratefulness towards Dr. Olga and all the other person that had made this dream come true. 

    Today my absolutely lovely daughter is two months old, she was born on the 10th of May.  To be a mother to this little incredible person is by far the most fantastic I have ever experienced. The love a feel for her is so great that I can't describe it in words. I would like to end this story by giving my best recommendations to the AVA Peter Clinic in St Petersburg. To find so much knowledge, heart and willing to help in the same place must be almost impossible to find but at AVA Peter in St Petersburg you do.


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