How to choose the right egg donor?

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How to choose the right egg donor? Choosing your egg donor.
At our clinic you can choose your own egg donor from our detailed Database of Egg Donors!

In all European clinics an egg donor is chosen for the patient by a doctor, or medical team. AVA-Peter is the only clinic in Europe which offers you the opportunity of choosing an egg donor yourself. 

We know that the extent of the information the patient will receive about the donor is very important for many women and their partners.  Some women’s desire is to find an egg donor with maximal physical similarity to own looks, other women choose “by feeling”.  We therefore offer extensive information about egg donors, which includes descriptions of their looks and looks of their relatives, family history, as well as their photos of the donor in the age under 12. 

For many women, physical characteristics are not as important as the egg donor’s psychological, social, educational and familiar background. Many patients are interested to find out more about our egg donors’ human values! This is why we ask all of our donors to write their own personal motivation letters for our egg donor data base. 

Our egg donor database offers you the opportunity to take the leading role in creating your future child. Your process of choosing the best egg donor from our egg donor data base is very personal and we do not proceed if you are not completely happy with the donor you have chosen. It's therefor possible for you to base your choice of an egg donor on the qualities which are most important to you, as we believe that you and your partner’s priorities and human values are the most important criteria in helping you to choose the right individual egg donor.

We respect your choice!

What is the Egg Donor Database?

What is the Egg Donor Database?

  • In total we have more than 600 loyal, healthy, attractive and educated young egg donors 
  • All our egg donors are under 32yrs old and have healthy children of their own!
  • All potential egg donors undergo comprehensive medical testing, including consultations with 3 medical doctors: a GP, a Gynecologist and a Psychiatrist. We accept less than 10% of potential egg donor candidates! Whichever egg donor you choose you can be sure that she has passed through all the necessary medical examinations. 
  • You can choose from more than 150 egg donors at any one time and you will always be able to choose from several egg donors who have the same eye, hair, height, skin colour, skills etc. as yourself
  • There is no waiting time for treatment -all egg donors on the data base can donate in the nearest future and the time frame suitable for you.
  • The database provides you with 150 individual and personal details about each egg donor, their photographs until the age of 12 and personal letters about why they have chosen to become an egg donor.

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Practical advice about how to choose your egg donor:

  1. Try to identify which criteria is the most important to you and base your final choice and decision on this.
  2. Before you start choosing your egg donor from our egg donor data base, we can assist you through an initial skype, or phone consultation so that we explain you how to use our egg donor data base with the maximal benefit to you. 
  3. If you find it difficult, in any way, to find the right donor from such a large egg donor data base, please let us know: we can advise you, assist you with choosing and even propose some egg donor choices suitable from our expert point of view. 

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We understand that the detailed information about the donor is very important, but we also understand that the egg donor is not the most important person is this project. The most important person is you; an egg from a donor would not be able to grow into a child by itself. An egg needs a uterus and sperm and you are the one that combines these pieces together to create your child. You are the parent to this child’s existence!

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