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Egg donation can often be the best way to overcome infertility. It is often used when other treatments, such as IVF, have been tried and have failed. This means it is still possible to become a mother through egg donation even if your own eggs cannot be used to create a pregnancy. We have a lot of experience with egg donation at AVA-Peter. Some of the reasons for using an egg donor are outlined below.

Premature menopause

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One of the most devastating consequences of a premature menopause is that it means that you cannot become pregnant in the normal manner. At the menopause, the body’s supply of eggs has been used up, leaving you unable to conceive a child. This is a further burden to cope with in addition to suffering menopausal symptoms, often many years before other women of your age. However, most women who suffer a premature menopause still have a fully functioning uterus and can therefore become pregnant with, and carry, a baby conceived via egg donation. At AVA-Peter, we accept recipients aged up to 51.

Few or poor-quality eggs

After undergoing fertility investigations and treatment, it may sadly become obvious that there is a problem with the quantity or quality of your eggs. For example, you may not respond well or not respond at all to fertility medication, or you may not be able to create viable embryos. Unfortunately, such problems get worse as you grow older, and the number of eggs in the ovaries decreases. This means that it becomes more and more difficult to achieve a pregnancy using your own eggs, either naturally or with medical help. AVA-Peter cannot put back what nature has already taken away, but we can offer you treatment with healthy donor eggs.

Repeated IVF failures

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Assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF can help many couples to conceive, but they have a much reduced success rate when the female partner is older. This particularly true with IVF, because embryos created with eggs from women above the age of 38 have a much lower chance of implanting in the womb. The main reason for implantation failure is that egg quality deteriorates dramatically in women aged over 40. By the age of 42, the success rate for once cycle of IVF falls to around 5%. Yet it has been proven that women in their forties can still sustain a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. For this group of women in particular, egg donation offers the best chance of success.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions (such as Turner’s syndrome) mean that women do not have eggs and therefore cannot get pregnant. In other cases, infertility may result from medical treatment, such as chemotherapy or abdominal surgery. Egg donation offers hope to these women too. Please contact us at AVA-Peter for more specific details.


Hereditary problems

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Some women choose egg donation because they do not wish to run the risk of transferring a severe genetic disease to their baby. Children always carry the genes of their genetic parents, so children born via egg donation carry the genes of the father plus the egg donor, rather than the egg recipient. Although the egg recipient bears the growing child throughout the pregnancy and is regarded (especially by the baby!) as the mother, there is no genetic link.

Down’s Syndrome

The risk of having a child with Down’s Syndrome increases considerably with the age of the genetic mother. Because of this, egg donation may be the preferred option of older women who wish to avoid this risk as much as possible. In a pregnancy created with the help of an egg donor, it is the egg donor’s age that is significant in this respect, not the age of the pregnant mother. The egg donors at AVA-Peter are all under 30, with an average age of just 26.

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