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At AVA-Peter we completely understand that is not always a simple process to prepare your mind for treatment and because of this we encourage all our patients to discuss this with us fully so that we can offer help and advice, we also offer up to three one to one skype counselling with our specialist family counsellor included in your programme (please ask us for more details).

However, once you have a comprehensive treatment plan from us getting your body ready for embryo adoption becomes very simple and can be carried out in your own country, with a little help from your local Doctor. Your treatment plan is always created in line with your preferred dates of travel: through the use of your treatment plan we can ensure that your ‘implantation window’ falls during your preferred time of travel to St Petersburg.

Once you have your treatment plan in place please print this out and book a consultation with your local Doctor to show him or her how simple the process is. If your Doctor would like to discuss any aspects of your treatment plan with us we are always happy for them to contact us. Your AVA Peter Doctors direct mobile number is always on the top of your treatment plan.

You will need to ask your Doctor to assist you with the following:

  • Two scans of your uterus and the ovaries on the dates noted in your personal plan
  • Prescription according to the plan

These laboratory tests are required by Russian legislation. We will be happy to do them for you free of charge at our clinic

Tests  for the wife:

  • Blood group
  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis
  • Clinical blood count
  • Biochemical parameters in blood (glucose, kreatinine, bilirubine, ALAT, ASAT, general protein)
  • Bacteriology smear
  • PAP-smear
  • TSH, Prolactine 

According to the Russian legislation we require a letter from your family doctor, confirming general health and having no contraindications to the pregnancy. Please bring this letter with you to your first appointment at our clinic.


Please request a telephone consult with our Doctor so that we can discuss your medical history and advise you personally on the best strategy leading to live birth through embryo adoption and alternatives.

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