The IVF and PGS Process


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Your own IVF process will be described in your personal treatment plan which we propose after the initial consultation. Here we describe it in a very generalized manner.

This treatment plan will usually include one cycle of birth control pills in the previous cycle to prepare your ovaries.

Once your period begins, you will have an ultrasound examination (a scan of the uterus and the ovaries) to make sure the ovaries are inactive and the uterine lining is thin. You will then take medication by daily injection (you will be shown how to do this at home) to stimulate your ovaries to produce several eggs.

After a few days, another scan is performed.  One or two more scans will be performed during the course of the coming days to monitor the growth of the follicles (these are what the eggs are grown in) in your ovaries and the effect of the hormone dosage (the doctor may choose to change the dosage if necessary).

After about 10 days, you will take an additional hormone injection to make the eggs ready for collection. Egg collection is performed by aspirating the eggs from the follicles using a needle introduced into the ovary via the vagina. The process is carried out under general anaesthetic to make it painless. You will then rest for a while to allow the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off, and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Once your eggs have been collected they are ready for fertilisation with your husband’s sperm. The resulting embryos will then be grown until day 5 (blastocyst stage) so that a small part of embryos’ future placenta can be picked up (=biopsied) for the future genetic testing. Once the biopsy is carried out on the 5th day, the embryos will be frozen. Multiple studies have shown that neither the biopsy on day 5 nor the modern freezing-thawing procedure (=vitrification) of embryos harm the embryos.

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"...If I would have known at the start, what I know now, I would not have done my IVF-attempts at my age as egg donation gave us result straight away. It was the best decision of our lives!"

Karin and Pedro, Sweden

“…I am a single woman and when one is lonely, one is very sensitive…You saw me as a person and I felt that you can help me…”



“…Well the Millennium shift came, the year 2000, we all remember what we did then, right? I got cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma... And when I stand here now 17 years later, you understand that it went well! Except for one important thing…"


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