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Sorry this treatment programme is no longer available

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Before coming to St. Petersburg you will need to follow your own individual treatment plan which we will provide after the initial consultation (done in Petersburg, Oslo or Stockhom or on the phone/skype).

This treatment plan will usually include one cycle of birth control pills to prepare your ovaries, 8-12 daily, easily self-administered, injections and 2-3 scans in your home country. Usually it takes 5 weeks from when you start the pills before you come to St. Petersburg.

Your visit in St. Petersburg


Arrive St Petersburg – our driver will collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel


You will have an appointment with your assigned doctor, at our clinic, to talk through the coming week. You will receive your final injection to make your eggs ready for collection 36hrs later


Today you have a free day to enjoy the sites of St Petersburg


You will come to our clinic for your eggs to be collected, your husband will also come with you to give his fresh sperm sample (if he has not left a frozen sample previously). This collection of eggs will be under general anaesthetic


Today you have a free day to enjoy the sites of St Petersburg


Today you have a free day to enjoy the sites of St Petersburg


Our driver will collect you from your hotel and drive you to the airport for your return trip home

As you will see from the ‘treatment example’ you have a 3 free days in our city after the planned date of collection on the Wednesday, this is due the fact that  your collection day may be altered + or – 2 days, this is dependent upon your reaction to the medication. If we should need to make these changes and either bring your collection forward or extend it to the Thursday or Friday, we will inform you in the Monday’s consultation. Once your egg collection date is confirmed on the Monday, or even earlier after your last scan at your local clinic, you are free to change your flights accordingly so as to return home earlier if you wish.

If you would like to find out more information about our Family balancing Programme please contact one of our patient coordinators (link to request a call) who will be happy to advise you further about the process and will book your free, non-obliging telephone consultation with our doctors.    

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Do you have any special medical conditions?

If you are aware of having special medical conditions such as premature menopause, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts or other please do request a phone consultation with our doctor which is free if charge and non-obliging so that we advise your options and help you choose the best strategy to meet your physical needs and personal values.

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For example, in women in the age of 43 and above or women in premature menopause there are sadly no healthy eggs left. Luckily it is still possible to become a mother and even choose a gender of you future baby through IVF with donor eggs and PGS


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