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For Colleagues

Dear Colleague!

We offer  following management scheme of a transport egg/embryo donation patient:

1.  The patient fills in the form for egg donation at http://www.avapeter.com/en/egg/to_start/to_start/;

for embryo adoption at http://www.avapeter.com/en/embryo_donation/questionnaire/

 and sends us a photograph attached to info@clinic.avapeter.com

2. The patient starts with COC or HRT (prescription from the doctor in the home country) and informs us about the day of the start.

3. We send to the patient (with the copy to the local doctor) data about the matched donor and the dates for the patient/ the couple to come to St. Petersburg (sperm sample on the day of the egg pick up and embryo transfer on day 5).

4. After the patient has accepted the donor and the dates, we send the applications and the invoice to the patient per email.

5. The patient makes travel arrangements (flight, hotel, visa) according to these dates.

6. The patient and her partner (if partners sperm is used) do the following blood tests under control of the local doctor, who later checks the results. The couple brings the complete package of the test results to AVA-Peter (the transfer is possible only if all the parameters are normal).

The following tests will be required for the female partner:

Blood group

HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Lues (valid 3 months)

Clinical blood count (valid 1 month)

Biochemical parameters in blood (glucose,  kreatinin, billirubine, ALAT, ASAT, general protein) (valid 1 month)

Bacteriology smear (valid 1 month)

PAP smear

TSH Prolactine

!!!! A letter from the general practitioner from the home country about state of general health and having no contraindications to pregnancy.

The following tests will be required for the male partner:

HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Lues (valid 3 months)

7. Under control of the local doctor the lady undergoes synchronization (COC or HRT), down-regulation, if required, (GRH-Agonist -depot) and is prepared with oestrogenes (tablets, patch and/or gels) according to the planned dates of egg pick up and transfer. We prefer that the transfer takes place between 17 and 23 day of the oestrogene intake.

8.  The local clinic takes required charges for additional medical services, if they are required.

9. Egg donation with a personal matched donor costs 7700 EUR. Egg donation with a donor from IDEAS database (selected by the patient) 11500 EUR.

 AVA-Peter prices: http://avapeter.com/en/prices/

10. We treat all healthy women under 51 y.o.

Very kind regards,

AVA-Peter team