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4 randomized controlled trials have recently shown that PGS  for 23 chromosome pairs increases implantation rates at least by 1/3.

PGD for 23 chromosome pairs increases implantation rates at least by 1/3.

Randomized controlled trials Patient group Fresh or freezing Implantation rate after PGD for 23 chromosome pairs vs control
Yang et al. 2012 <35 day 5 biopsy, day 6 fresh transfer 40% increase
Schoolcraft et al. 2012 >35 (av 39) day 5 biopsy, freezing, FET 32% increase
Forman et al. 2013 >35 day 5 biopsy, day 6 fresh transfer 32% increase
Scott et al. 2013 20-42 (av. 32) day 5 biopsy, day 6 fresh transfer 28% increase


For example :

Schoolcraft et al. 2012 have shown in women above 35 year old (mean age 39) implantation rates is 56,7% after PGS for 23 chromosome pairs and only 38% implantation rates in controls after frozen embryo transfer. Miscarriage rates in control group were 17% and 0% after PGS.

The same results were shown in 2013 by Forman et al in the same patient group (women in the age 35 or older: 58,3% implantation rates in PGS group and 39,8% implantation rates in control group.

In summary the benefit of PGS for 23 chromosome pairs is:

  • Helps to choose the right embryo for transfer to the uterus not only on the basis of “good looks” but also with the knowledge of correct chromosome set
  • Increases pregnancy and live birth rates per embryo transfer
  • Reduces time to pregnancy via excluding chromosomally abnormal good looking embryos from usage
  • Helps to avoid unnecessary embryo transfers
  • Helps to avoid freezing of chromosomally abnormal embryos
  • Reduces miscarriage rates
  • Reduces the Down syndrome risk
  • Explains multiple unsuccessful IVFs (RIF)
  • Eliminates negative effect of maternal age on implantation

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