Arts Square

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Opposite the Town Hall, the short Mikhailovskaja street turns off left from Nevsky avenue. It leads straight to the Arts Square. The south side of the Square is bordered by one of Russia's most famous hotels - Grand Hotel Europe, whose art nouveau restaurant was a favourite rendez-vous for members of the diplomatic corps and secret police before the Revolution, and in the 1970-s became a popular meeting place for young intellectuals and artists.

On the right is the main Philarmonic Hall in St.-Petersburg named after Shostakovitch, famous Russian composer who created the 7th Leningrad Symphony in the besieged city during World War II.

The monument to the greatest Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is in the centre, and the the main part of the Arts' Square ensemble is the Russian Museum. Russian Ethnological Museum is to its right: virtually every ethnic group of the former Soviet Empire is represented here in full detail.

Almost every building on the Square is affiliated with art somehow, hence the Square derives its name.

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