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Nevsky pr. 22-24, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191186

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Vær oppmerksom på at inngangen er fra M. Konushennaya street, ikke fra Nevsky Prospekt

Du går igjennom AVA Peter apoteket, for å komme til vår resepsjon

Vi ser frem til å møte deg!

After 3 IVF in Sweden, 3 miscarriages, Elisabet and Pär became parents of lovely Ester through egg donation in St. Petersburg

"...If I would have known at the start, what I know now, I would not have done my IVF-attempts at my age as egg donation gave us result straight away. It was the best decision of our lives!"

Karin and Pedro, Sweden

Different life stories, but the same dreams for a baby bring Ulrika from Norway and Willeke from Netherlands to St. Petersburg...

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Our patients tell their stories

  • Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to AVA-Peter for egg donation treatment… Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes