Our philosophy

A desire to have joint baby is an expression of deep devotion and confidence between two persons. It testifies to their mutual readiness to assume the responsibility for a little person being a part of their own nature.

If it is impossible to make the dream of parenthood come true, this may have a considerable effect on relationships between the two persons, since the sheer meaning of life shared by them is left open to question. Quite often, infertility becomes a point of omission for a family. The problem is pending, but nobody talks about it. The silence means, also, that each person is left alone with his or her burden, which becomes heavier due to the inability to achieve the dream. At the same time, infertility can be overcome in most cases through seeking help in a specialized clinic. Sometimes years pass before a couple makes desision to ask for professional help.

Our vast experience shows that Ava-Peter’s success in treatment is achieved not only by using up-to-date equipment, or thanks to the high level of proficiency of our specialists. What really matters is the attention and thoughtfulness with which the doctor approaches each couple. We see partners in our patients who can collaborate with the physician within the framework of diagnostic and treatment arrangements.

Infertility, as a rule, doesn’t entail physical suffering and it isn’t directly life-threatening. Mental pains are brought to the forefront. That is the reason why during the whole treatment period in Ava-Peter the patient interacts with the same doctor. The doctor gets familiarized with the couple through the first and all subsequent consultations, performs diagnostic and treatment procedures, as well as helps to cope with common psychological problems.

We see open interaction between the doctor and patient as a decisive factor affecting the success of the treatment. Only through close conversation can we answer open questions, create a true clinical understanding of the patient’s situation, and define appropriate diagnostics and treatment routines. We regard any information you provide very seriously and trustworthily. Also, we aim at providing you with any information you like prior to starting the treatment.

When working with ART, we pay much attention to your cells and treat them with all possible responsibility, since for us each fertilized oocyte is a new human being. All information you supply, as well as diagnostics and treatment results are secured as ultra-confidential.

We cooperate with physicians from different regions of Russia and from abroad, so we can reduce the minimum duration of stay in Saint-Petersburg for nonresident patients.

Our patients may easily contact their attending medical doctor by phone. This allows for rapid and effective solutions to any issues that may ensue. Also, we pay much attention to our prospective patients. If you have any questions for us, you may send us an e-mail message.

Seeking professional help, you’re making the right step. We appreciate the confidence you express to us by doing so. Our team consisting of physicians, embryologists, biologists and nurses will make all possible efforts to help you.

Efter 3 IVF-försök i Sverige blev det 3 missfall, Elisabet och Pär är nu föräldrar till underbara Ester och detta genom äggdonation i St. Petersburg

"... När Millenniumskiftet kom 2000, minns vi alla vad vi gjorde, eller hur? Jag hade cancer, Hodgkins lymfom ... Och nu när jag står här 17 år senare förstår du att det gick bra! Förutom en viktig sak ... "


"...If I would have known at the start, what I know now, I would not have done my IVF-attempts at my age as egg donation gave us result straight away. It was the best decision of our lives!"

Karin and Pedro, Sweden

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