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becoming parents

Surrogacy agencies support

Any infertility treatment programs that involve surrogacy are conducted under the supervision of surrogacy agencies that provide all necessary service on their behalf, related to  

  • searching and selection of surrogacy mother
  • all documentary support
  • full legal support.

Intended parents are to sign separate contract with surrogacy agency, and selecting one becomes the area of their own choice and responsibility.

Nevertheless “Scanfert” can help the intended parents find their most trusted surrogacy agency in Saint-Petersburg.

In the first place we recommend our partner agency ISA (International Surrogacy Agency), with which we established long-term collaboration relationships that proved to be successful: 

ISA, LLC (International Surrogacy Agency)

191186, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
Moika river embankment, 36,
office 806

Nonetheless “Scanfert”s' choice of surrogacy agencies is not limited to only one. If intended parents want to consider other surrogacy agencies, “Scanfert” can help with picking up the one that meets parents' requirements: 

Centre for Surrogacy, donation and gem cell transportation "Nemama"

Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
Pr.Ispitateley, 30,
Business centre “Miller”, Build.A,
office 11/1

Eva Surrogacy Agency

Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
6th Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 5-7,
office 308

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